From 2018 January 01 we will be launching 'Infinity Lifestyle Adventures' We are the same people behind 'Infinity Mountainbiking' and now have a new partner onboard. Famous chef Will Meyrick, the driving force behind the amazing Sarong group restaurants in Indonesia has joined our team and together we will launch mountain bike, food experience and lifestyle adventures all over Indonesia.


Mountain Biking

From idyllic white sand beaches to fiery volcanoes, from rugged barren landscapes to dense jungle, our Indonesia mountain bike adventures let you discover it all up close. We operate everything from one to fourteen day rides, soft adventure family tours or multiple days of single track for the more experienced mountain bikers.

Our mountain bike tours are all about riding the best trails and quiet back roads here in Indonesia. We have three level of difficulties ranging from soft adventure/family, intermediate or advanced tours. The duration of our mountain bike tours can be anything from a one day ride up to fourteen days where we visit several islands. The accommodation that we use are generally three star locally owned hotels and sometimes a guest house in the more remote areas. We operate our mountain bike tours all over Java, Bali, Sulawesi and Lombok.


Food Experiences

Indonesian cuisine is one of the most vibrant and colourful cuisines in the world, full of intense flavours. Join our amazing food tours and visit local markets to learn more about the fresh and raw ingredients, cook up a delicious meal with our professional chefs or sample authentic dishes at the local warungs.

With Will Meyrick onboard it would be impossible to not offer amazing food experiences. All of our food tours and cooking classes are one day tours and we run these in Bali and all over Java. Discover the best local restaurants known as  "Warungs" and visit the local markets. Try the best and  legendary savory dishes, take a seat and eat with the locals!


Lifestyle Adventures

Indonesia is known for its diversity. Beaches, volcanoes, Komodo dragons, jungles, vibrant cultures or mouth watering cuisine. Our Lifestyle Adventures offer amazing experiences in the archipelago all brought together in a well designed, off-the-beaten-track, great fun, personalized and genuine travel experience.

The accommodation that we use for these tours are one of the highlights of the trip. Ranging from 5 star boutique accommodation to quaint home stays in the more remote area’s. And soon we will have our own villa accommodation in Bali that will be ready and available from 2018 March and will ensure an amazing experience.

The included activities are both active such as hiking, rafting, mountain biking, surfing, horse riding etc.. or more sightseeing orientated where we will head out with one of our local history guides and explore the amazing sights and learn more about the local cultures.

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